Who We Are

Our Mission

Guiding All People to Become Biblical Followers of Christ Through Intentional Relationships

Our Values

We Pray Expectantly

We communicate points of guidance, praise, need, and gratitude with God anticipating His involvement.

We Disciple Biblically

Guiding all people to grow and go in their faith by rooting all moments in God’s instruction.

We Invest Outwardly

Serving the neighborhood, city, nation, and the world to bring the hope of Jesus.

We Bridge Selflessly

A culture of being loving and hospitable to members and visitors at all stages of growth.

We Innovate Actively

Pursuing new ways and new forms of doing ministry to effectively reach people.

Our Strategy

Gather in Worship

Gather together for God’s word, worship, fellowship, and organizational connection.

Grow in Community

Grow together in meaningful community with service, accountability, and prayer.

Gear Up for Service and Training

Gear up together to walk with Jesus, grow in faith, and serve.

Go Out

Go out together to make disciples in our neighborhoods, city, nation, and world.

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