Pastor Byron & Family

Pastor Byron and his wife, Laurel, both grew up in Huntsville, AL and met while serving at Calvary Bible Church.  They married and remained in Huntsville for three years.  But both felt God’s calling to full-time ministry so they moved to Dallas, TX to pursue seminary school at Dallas Theological Seminary.  After graduating, Byron and Laurel moved back serving at another local church. Then, in God’s timing and plan, three years later Byron and Laurel received the call to return to their home church and faithfully serve as senior pastor.

While in seminary, Byron and Laurel celebrated the birth of their first son, Byron Jr. in September 2013.  He lived for two years and then the Lord suddenly decided to call him home.  Because of this dark time, they desire to shepherd others through difficult times, speak God’s word truthfully, and create a family environment in all their ministries.  The Lord then granted Byron and Laurel the gift of two more beautiful daughters Brynn and Olivia.  Their story is one of redemption, sovereignty, and a desire to help others through difficult times and lead others to know God through the teaching of His Word.

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